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Review: York & Rank 1 feat. Lola - This World Is So Amazing [July 2016]

The best things happen when you don't expect them at all! I was working on a retrospective review for an old Rank 1 Remix when I had to visit Beatport to find the original for comparisons since I didn't have it in my library: I don't always like originals (enough) to buy them alongside their Rank 1 remixes. So I decided to check out Rank 1's releases section to see if I'd stumble upon the Radio Mix of the Superstring rework or perhaps a re-released old remix of theirs: back in 2013 I got my hands on their remix for Jam X & De Leon - Mind Made Up as I stumbled upon it by accident! Ever since I keep my eyes open. So I found the Superstring Radio Mix (sadly not acquirable without purchasing the whole compilation it's on) but I also ran into a Chill Out collab they made with York for the latter's  new album... WHICH HAS BEEN AROUND FOR 11 DAYS FFS! How on earth could I have missed that?? Damn you, Euro 2016! Anyway. The collab in question has been purchased and eh, decided I might as well do a little review for it! So here we go:

01. York & Rank 1 feat. Lola - This World Is So Amazing [04.29]
A gentle pad swells into the track with a morphed ball of guitar noise alongside it. The pads soon reach Trancey fullness when Lola softly tell us "The World Is So Amazing". Right after she speaks those words, a typical Mediterrenean York guitar plays, backed by yet another more defined guitar whilst the Trancey pads in the background cause a combination fo serenity with joy. A rhythmic typical-Rank 1 lead grows stronger until it peaks at 01:58. Then, some very subtle percussion starts playing alongside the whole. Wouldn't go as far as to call it a breakbeat since, well, it's way too subtle. The melodies are the centre-focus here. The main lead tunes down a bit and gives more space to the York guitar. The pads quiet down a bit as Lola softly speaks to us. Listening closely you can hear some subtle piano guidance in the background. The Trance pads reappear in full effect as the main lead sneaks away. The percussion fades, said lead decided to swell in power once more before gently fading away with the rest of the melodic elements. The piano gets to have its final say in the dying seconds of this chill-out piece.

Is it a coincidence that I discover this track on the day that #HottestDayOfTheYear is trending? Is it a coincidence I discover this on a warm, cloudless, sunny 30 degrees day in the usually rainy Amsterdam? I think not! As with Zenith, the surprise factor of a new Rank 1 tune alone can lift a track to be instantly loved. It really helps that this track can be seen as a sort of "follow-up" to Reachers Of Civilization (Rank 1 Remix). But the track itself just oozes happiness. Those pads <3 Those guitars <3 It's not the first track to be made in this style but I've been missing the Balearic Trance sound from a decade ago and it's great to hear something that has that kind of sentiment to it. Lilyleaf Ladybell has been one of my favorite tracks since I discovered it in December 2015 (thanks again Roth!) and skimming through the previews of the other tracks, York truly worked hard to deliver that sound in a classy way. I fully recommend this to anyone that loves tracks befitting of summer. And if you are a York or a Rank 1 fan, this tune can't miss out in your collection!

As stated above: this is a great surprise! A short album track but I would love to see Rank 1 do more collabs like this in the future. It doesn't always have to be a mindblowing club banger, it doesn't always have to be 13 minute majestic masterpiece. Enjoyable tunes like TWISA are always welcome. And it has been such a long time since the likes of Still In My Mind, T.T.C. etc. I sincerely hope we'll hear more Chill-out from them again in the near future, they rock at it. Can't wait to put this track on my phone & mp3 player and chill out to it on one of the coming summer days... It's during those moments you best realize... This World Is So Amazing indeed!

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