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In Memory Of...

 Razormane Blogpost #18 | September 17th 2013 |

The only certainty in life is the inevitability of physical death, this is something some of us discover at ages too young, sadly. In that sense, I've been blessed that I've never had to deal with any such experiences in my childhood, at least not to the point that it lasted beyond a day. It wasn't until past Thursday that I first experienced such a deep sadness in the heart after receiving the news that my Mom's Mother had passed away. I only met her once in real life, way back in the summer of 2000 but I was always glad and grateful I got to meet her. She and Mom were so alike, it fascinated me as a mere 10 year old. Both strong-willed and tough, yet so caring and charming with their great sense of humor. It was like having two versions of Mom around at the same time, one being slightly older.

The sad news that Thursday didn't quite hit me until I woke up the next Friday. It was an aching hollow feeling of sadness, unlike I've ever experienced so strongly. It's strange how someone you've met only once, can have such an impact, though there might be more to it than just the realization of loss. I regret I never had the chance to meet Her more than once and talk to Her, ask Her about Her Life, how Mom was like when she was young, what made Her proud, what made Her sad, hearing Her Wise Lessons Of Life, etc. Regretting what can't be undone has little point of course. So instead of lamenting the unchangeable, I will remember that summer with Her and Mom's stories about Her. I will cherish those memories. And to honor Her, I will dedicate the following piece to Her on this September 17th of 2013, the day she would have turned 83:

Mãezinha [In Memory Of Grandmother Fátima]

Birthdate: September 13th 2013
Revealed: September 17th 2013
Duration: 04:19
BPM: 100
Genre: Electronica
Written, composed, produced and arranged by C. I. do Rosario.
All rights reserved.

R.I.P. dear Grandmother Fátima, may You find the Peace You deserve so much in the Heavens above. We love You and we will miss You!

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