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The Razormane Discography

Promotion Feature | August 13th 2013 (Last Update: January 8th 2018) |

Out Now!
- Razormane - Mane Festival Theme VI

- Razormane - Journey Across Dreams
You will have to forgive me for the "Shameless Self Promotion" post here, but I thought it'd might be a good idea to have a blogpost dedicated to all my own productions so you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime and all together! Or something like that... Anyway. I will skip the usual biography chat: you can find it at my soundcloud & mixcloud profiles if you are interested. I will update this post every time I add a new track. Just click the release titles or individual tracks to be taken to Soundcloud. I sincerely hope you will enjoy my music! :)
2012: Razormane - Mane Festival Theme I
2013: Razormane - Mane Festival Theme II
2014: Razormane - Mane Festival Theme III
2015: Razormane - Mane Festival Theme IV
2016: Razormane - Mane Festival Theme V
2017: Razormane - Mane Festival Theme VI

2014: Ralfurious - The Vibe (Razormane's Slightly Darker Remix)
2015: Distant Minds - 8 With A Line (Razormane Remix)
2016: Raigen Smash - Flavors Of Sin (Razormane Deep Tech Rework)

2017: Raigen Smash - Flavors Of Sin (Razormane Trance Tech Re-Edit)

Something Special

2014: Razormane - 24-7 (The First EP)

inc: Good Times! / Tournesol / Third Ray Of Hope / '90s Soul-Infinity / Sinister Patterns
2016: Razormane - Visions Of Sound (Mane Mix)

2017: Razormane - Darker Matters
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