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Haters vs. Hater-Haters

 Scene Analysis #13 | March 30th - March 31st 2013 |

It's been a while since I wrote a rant, so for this month's blogpost, I will be aiming my arrows on a trend within EDM which has earned My Annoyance in spades. It's about "hater-calling". It's a trend I've spotted amongst mostly artists that radically changed their sounds over the course of time and suddenly started preaching from another Church, so to speak. Every once in a while one of them starts talking about "fucking the haters". My, my, they must be on a VERY bad dry spell if they are seeking intercourse with people that supposedly would deteste their music! Is this a fetish I am not familiar with? *Trollface* Anyhow, one of them starts about haters, and then one or two colleagues quickly drop all activity to join artist1 on hater-hating. You will soon be reading tweets that propogate the usual "be openminded", "music only evolves through experimentation", "YOU DON'T OWN ME FFS!!!", or "I wanted to be creative for a change" bullsheize. Of course, an X number of fanbois will flock to the cozy trio of artists to spam them with lots of "+1!!"s, "QFT"s, and of course (my personal favorite) "Dun't be a prizner of ur OWN ztyle!"s.

Now if one was to look closer to the reason for this hater-hating, one would spot an annoyance brewing within artist1 (which artist2 and artist3 relate to, of course, otherwise they wouldn't get cozy together). It would seem that this, act of sinking-to-the-haters'-level, is caused by exposure to something. This something is called reality. And reality has a message for you all:

"You can't please everyone!"

So give it up already. Now in my humble opinion, the following people fit the "hater bill" most of EDM's fanscape:

- The #trancefamily fanbois that flock to the David Guetta Remix of the latest Armin and butcher the dislike button,  just because the name "Guetta" has a reversed-orgasmic effect on them, making them violent
- The #trancefamily fanbois that flocked to Fei-Fei's Facebook page last year, to verbally abuse her for playing the music she played (blame the ones that booked her, a car mechanic isn't suddenly going to be constructing bikes if invited to come watch the Tour de France, right?)
- The Gareth Emery groupies that flocked to Da Hool's page to insult him for being in his right. If someone else had covered an Emery track without his permission, what do you think mr. Diva would have done, hm? The exact same thing Da Hool did only with something extra: a kiloton of complaints and nagging attached.
- The Armin/Ferry/Emery/A&B loving teenagers that will attack your comment on Facebook, even if it's a reasonable "I  don't like this particular track by him/them, it lacks the magic I expect from him/them" comment
The above mentioned groups are the very same people that call "hater" to anyone that doesn't suck up to their Divine  Idols, to their ZOMGoDz of Openmindedness. Yet they are the FIRST to behave like a disgusting bunch of attention-seeking teenagers hitting puberty. I'd say to all you artists crying about "haters" and to your mindless sheep you call a  fanbase:

Quit being crybabies, stop acting like EDM is the Hiphop scene and look at yourself first. Do you think that if you  released a track before social media and internet connected "haters", "hater-haters" and normal people alike, that  your music wouldn't be disliked? NEWSFLASH: Your tracks will be loved, hated and left aside in any age of music: the  easier it is to connect with the original creator of a piece, the more likely you will be exposed to negative feedback as much as positive feedback. Now I am not going to deny:
There are some very idiotic so-called music fans out there that don't even identify with #trancefamily, yet manage to be almost WORSE than that toe-cringing collective of sugary sweet DJ worship and explosive spoiled-brats potential. You know, I am talking about the obscure Pystrance/Progressive/J00F/Airwave-loving fanbois that HATE anything that doesn't future space or science in the title and hate anything that was done by a (former)-Trance artist with more than 300 fans. The type of moron that, despite claiming to be all about the underground, joins a forum like the ASOT forum to start bitching about the quality of ASOT there and nothing else. It's like jumping into a pool of shit and complaining the pool stinks. For me, these guys are as annoying as those #trancefamily sheep, DESPITE them hating the latter with a passion. So yes, haters exist and they can look like these group of elitist underground marauders. People that give the music they hate as  much attention (or sometimes it seems they give it even MORE attention) as the music they love. I'm not speaking up  for them, for these type of fools may lie at the root of this annoying "I've got haters, I'm SO SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG" trend. So let me be clear on that, as far as "real haters" go, I'm not in the least interested to defend their idiotic behavior.

My goal with this blogpost is to stand against this childish "Speak against me? HATER!" mentality and to stand up for the occasional well thought-through "not-sucking-up-to-DJ-X's-royal-family-jewels" comments which are increasingly being framed as something terrible. Some EDM artists' skins have gone from thick to sugary thin  by the constant tearful praise they get from their modern fanbases. Any comment that does not fit this flow is labeled  "hater" and seen as a pure nuissance to the cloud-9 mirage these artists and their sheep want to live in. Constructive  critism nowadays is automatically framed as an act of jealousy, an act of despise, an act of "narrow-mindedness". The  big joke is that the most narrowminded people are the ones that use the word "hater", and mean it too. Offering  criticism isn't the same as hating. Do they even know what hate means? To hate you must have a lot of anger and  despise for something and to be called a hater would mean that you unleash this negative energy for a living or  something. Is it an occupation, "hater"? You would think so if you take a stroll down Twitter and Facebook.

Imo people that call others haters, are simply trying to push down a doctrine in which you must always like DJ X's  performance/tracks/whatever. But I thought it was all about the music right? IF it's all about the music, you are as  free to like and dislike tracks as much as you want and you should be free to express that too. And no, by "expressing  those feelings" I don't mean that you take all the effort to find DJ Y's FB/Twitter account to go insult him/her there  "because FREEDOM OF SPEECH OUR ANCESTORS DIED FOR, BITZES" (which seems to be a justification for a lot of people to talk crap nowadays, but this is not the place to discuss that). That's just being idiotic and has nothing to  do with expressing your feelings on said artist's music, you are just being a troll then. After all, why in the world  would you even follow artists you dislike on social media? No tiny bit of rationality can explain this foolish  behavior if you ask me. So what to do, what to do?

Let's first and foremost enjoy the music and love it to bits. If some artists make a bad variant of this music, feel  free to give your opinion, just don't turn it into a witchhunt. IF, certain developments might threaten your precious  music, feel free to speak up but if you can, do something about it instead of just talking. Get active: organize an  event through FB with volunteers. Hold a mini-rave, Warehouse-inspired. Produce the music you are missing in the scene  yourself! Write reviews for the music you love to help promote it. Show the music you like to friends or like-minded  people (since friends aren't always... as open to our music as you'd want them to...). Or, just turn off Facebook and  Twitter and let the idiocricy be whilst you tap your foot to a delicious new episode of February 2013 Intensified, by  mr. Wisternoff. I know, I know... "I'm one to talk" with my occasional (or should that be frequent?) rants. But let's be  honest, I contribute my share of positive action with my annoyingly looooooooooooooooooooooooong (yet postive- infectious) reviews and amateurish tracks, right? I mean... Huh? ...I don't...? Wha- ... ...Hmph!

"D0n'T h4te CuZ U cAn'T ReLAt3!!111, BITZES!1!!"

Nah, in all honesty though.
"Hating" seems to be as much in the Eye Of The Beholder as the Beauty Of The Music this hating might be directed at. Let's say what we want to but let's at least be honest about what we say and take (internet-)reality for what it is: a double-edged sword that can enhance real life in a good way as well as poison it with trivial nonsense that shouldn't matter since it only exists in a universe made up of 1's and 0's anyway.

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