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Compilation Review: Entrance presents High Contrast [March 2010]

| Pre-Blog Era | April 18th 2010 |

Entrance presents High Contrast > The Rank 1 Mix is splendid for this spring weather and contains a lot of fresh new tunes which haven't been dropped on ASOT so far. The final track of Rank 1's mix: Urry Fefelove & Abramasi - New World is one of my fave tracks of this year but I barely hear it anywhere! It's an example of a High Contrast track that just sounds different and isn't your everyday Trance track. That's why I like this mix so much! It's got the spring vibes through various styles. Let me show which ones I enjoyed the most:

Disc 1: Rank 1
01. Goldin, Nick & Mike Dub - Somethings > Perfect opener with dreamy synths an a steady bass.
02. Cramp - Lifestream > Melodic track with a nice piano throughout the track, has something sad to it as well...
03. Kunnari, Alex & Heikki L - Rising > pretty wicked track which keeps going and going will slides keep raising at the background, keeping the drive going!
04. Running Man - Fading Memories > another nice melodic "1st Hour ASOT" progtrancer.
05. Beat Service & Emma Lock - Hiding To Nothing > I don't think I have to explain this one. ;)
06. Cor Fijneman - Dica Le Batz (The House Moguls Remix) > Groovy track with wicked synths at moments, me like!
07. Chris Cortez - Asha > Decent track
08. CiroVisone - Romance (Eric Shaw Remix) > Decent track
09. Artento Divini - Who's Next > Violin synths which slightly remind me of Rank 1 - Symfo and driving techy parts: a real dancefloor track! Heard a different version at TE come to think of it...
10. DJ Preach feat. Matthew Ryan - Spark (Robert Burian Trance Mix) > The worst track of the mix, HORRIBLE FAIL MALE vocals!  The production itself is average anyway...
11. Estiva - Privilege > The Loud oldskool Trance synths in this got something...
12. Mat Zo - 24 Hours (Rank 1 Remix) > Excellent Hands-in-the-air Party remix of an already formidable track...
13. Mark Sinclair - Pictures Of You (Terry Ferminal Remix) > This track has grown on me since I actually listened to the lyrics and discovered the story behind it... If I recall this is also a slightly more energetic version than the one Armin played in the beginning of the year. A good track!
14. Ganymede - Deluna > This track is just so funky! The roaring Electro-bass and infectious melody make it something very enjoyable for me... Electro at its best!
15. Rank 1 vs. Jochen Miller - The Great Escape (enTrance theme 2010) > ANTHEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
16. Urry Fefelove & Abramasi - New World > Dreamy sounds in the build-up, wicked breakdown with drums and a distorted synth and a steady main lead to continue the track... One of the most unique tracks I heard yet this year! Perfect track to finish a sublime mix as well.

Final Verdict
The one thing to ask yourself here is whether you usually like the stuff that comes out on High Contrast. I myself am a huge fan of that label and the Rank 1 Mix captures the essence of the label imo. Try to picture the first hour of ASOT and add a few Techy and Housey tracks here and there: that (more or less) is their mix in a nutshell.

As for Miller's mix, I enjoyed that a lot too. It's got more bangin' stuff than Rank 1's Mix but enjoyable nevertheless > the harder side of High Contrast. ;)

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