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Compilation Review: Trance Energy 2009 [March 2009]

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I bought the CD @ Trance Energy (had it signed by Piet & Benno! :D) and I've gotta say I really enjoyed it!

Disc 1: John O'Callaghan
JOC surprised me both as a DJ and as a mixer: I really liked his choice of harder tracks. He starts off with a bang. That Patterson remix of Roundabout is really energetic! Track 2 could've been excluded imo: it only lasts 2:07 minutes and doesn't really build up to something. Man On The Run follows and then he drops Jonas Sternberg - Memoires: What an energetic Ripp-Your-B*lls-Of-Track! Just my kind of track! Out Of The Box is another powerful bomb! Thomas Bronzwaer - Certitude is a track I usually might have considered okayish but now I really enjoyed it. Then come the more Trancey tracks. Tracks 7 & 8 were decent, track 9 was too cheesy for me. The Tyas remix of 2nd Wave was a pleasant surprise: usually this sort of track puts me off but this one got me! Then followed Istanbul & Compulsive with Vandalism & Panama (brilliant build-up!) in between: More energy for you!

His Trance-taste is a little less imo. Especially the last three tracks on disc 1 kinda ruined the great flow of the cd imo. All in all I'd give disc 1 an overall score of 4/5. It really captured the essence of the party imo.

Disc 2: Rank 1
And Then... There was Rank 1. Disc 2 starts on a slower pace but steadily builds-up: The First State track is a nice opener, followed by the more energetic EDX Remix of Passenger 10 - Mirrage. I had heard this track on Cliff Coenraad's Monthly Mix in January and I liked a lot so I was glad to see Rank 1 pick this one up. Their remix of Lost Luggage follows, a decent remix, nothing special imo. They pitch up the pace of the mix with Laserbrain, a great track, especially after the break! A groovy Jaytech track follows, and then: Chasing Rainbows... WOW. It's a nice steady track that fits nicely in the CD's flow. Of course, L.E.D. There Be Light couldn't be left out. ANTHEM. The CD slowly grows more energetic. Then comes Arnej's powerfull Tech Dud which really bangs the speakers! Off the Radar slows down the pace a little bit, giving you some space to drift before you get to pound again with an amazing Re-Ward Remix and the new Jochen Miller. Artento Divini's Deepdown really explodes after the break, keeping the CD in the energetic flow! EDX shows up again, with a less techy track but nice never the less. And then Rank 1 makes their blunder with Sea Tides imo: too cheesy for me. The reason it really should've been left out imo, is cause of track 15: Marcel Woods' brilliant Wake Up. Check out that break with those Supersaws... Now that's ENERGY to the Nth degree, what a POWERhouse!! They should've dropped it after Deepdown, and maybe then they should've mixed Sea Tides, although I still think the CD could've done without it altogether. :P Then again, it was a minor "mistake" imo. They finish with an unusual but gorgeous track by Sied Van Riel & Geert Huinink called Sun Rise. This track was unexpected since it's waaaaaaaaaaay more relaxed than Wake Up but it's a gem nevertheless. A beautiful trancey, almost balearic tune which I experienced as a hybrid between music from my country Cape Verde and Trance... Sublime... And what a way to end brilliant mix. You can already guess: I gave it a 5/5 rating.

Final Verdict
As a whole, I believe this is one of the most solid TE compilations I've heard yet. JOC & Rank 1 did a fantastic job, though maybe they should've switched the order of the two since JOC's mix kicks off far more energetic and keeps that pace through out his mix while Rank 1 slowly builds up...

Man, it was a fantastic party @ Razormane Headquarters in the afternoon of 8 March 2009... ;)

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